Health Benefits


FLIPPIN’ FUN Healthy is about being active. It’s about experiencing the freedom and joy of jumping whilst burning calories with every jump. FLIPPIN’ FUN Healthy is also that exhilarating feeling of accomplishment you get from just an hour of wall-to-wall fun. Trampolining is a great holistic health giver, bringing both physical and mental benefits to adults and children alike.

 FLIPPIN’ FUN will keep you fit, trim and happy!



Bouncing uses almost every muscle and focuses specifically on the stomach, arms and legs. Start toning your muscles, burning fat and increasing your metabolism by having fun!

According to studies, to promote and maintain cardiovascular health, young people need at least one and a half hours of intense physical activity per day.

Regular bouncing helps tone the body, especially the stomach, back, and legs. Core stability muscles are consistently engaged to help enhance balance. This type of training helps boost your metabolic rate and the ability to burn fat and calories.


Bouncing forces you to become more aware of your centre of gravity. This strengthening of balance is perfect for toddlers, children, teenagers and adults! The need to coordinate your arms and legs can lead to increased hand-eye coordination as well.

Trampoline exercise is a great way to develop the skills that allow you to undertake a number of items requiring simultaneous concentration: bouncing, balancing, maintaining the body’s position and anticipating the next action. This is proven to have a positive impact on bilateral motor skills, as well as allowing jumpers to control different muscles and limbs at one time.


Bouncing can also refresh the mind. When endorphins are stimulated, our bodies release a mood-enhancing chemical that produces a feeling of well-being in the body. Active exercise helps overcome negativity and depression, and can lead to a happier, more positive you. Jumping also helps to reduce stress levels …..It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re bouncing!


Tests have linked bouncing with positive benefits for children with autism. The sheer fun and sense of well-being encourages vestibular system input, which controls movement and balance as well as awareness of body positioning. Bouncing also assists with motion feedback: how the body responds to movement through space and perception.

Jumping and balancing on a trampoline can help physical sensory integration with the body’s different systems. Getting family and friends involved provides a social benefit as well.


  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Tones up your glandular system, especially your thyroid glands
  • Helps produce red blood cells
  • Improves your digestion
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Helps keep your body’s natural defences high and reduces the chance of getting sick.
  • Stimulates your metabolism.
  • Increases oxygen capacity.
  • Increases oxygen circulation to tissues.
  • Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Increases energy and sense of vitality
  • Firms and tones the muscles
  • Improves your sense of balance.

Most of all though it makes you smile, laugh and is great FUN! This has proven health benefits in itself as it generally means that you keep doing it if you enjoy it.