What’s Inside




If you’ve had a great time on the backyard trampoline at home, just imagine what awesome fun awaits you with over 40 of the bounciest tramps around! All interconnected so you don’t have to use platforms to get from one feature to another – just bounce, flip and jump to them. The main court feature walls tramps where you can rebound and backflip. High platforms from which we want to see you’re your best acrobatic tricks or if you’re into Parkour use them to find new creative angles. A tumble tramp allows the gymnast in you to test those combinations out!

The foam pit is the ideal place to test your aerial prowess with the safety of a soft landing. Parents have no need to fear their little one disappearing out of sight as they sink in foam blocks. We’ve stretched a tramp mat across ours which still provides a soft landing and you simply walk out! More kids get to have a go too! Parents. Worried you’re out of practice? The foam pit is suitable for all ages so show the kids you’ve still got some moves!

The regular basketball hoop too high to pull off a slam? Not now. Slam Zone features two hoops set at different heights to accommodate a variety of ages and skill levels. Launch yourself off the vault platform and bound your way along the two lanes for style points and slam dunk glory. Try out a combo and challenge your friends – slam dunk competitions are encouraged!


Wait, what? Dodgeball and trampolines. Does it get any better! We reckon we have the biggest dodgeball court around so what does that mean? More players each side means more targets! If that’s not extreme enough, use the central vault platform to attach the other side but be careful, you’re also a sitting duck. It’s high energy and fast paced so get your friends together or just join in. Duck and dodge your way to glory.